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Fox and Ams Designs


We Specialize in Custom Work

Hi There! Our names are Liam and Amariah McCauley.  Husband and wife team called Fox and Ams Designs.  How did we come up with the name you may ask?  Long story short Fox is Liam's middle name, as for Amariah well sometimes it's just too long to pronounce so we just call her Ams.

Back to business...Fox and Ams Designs is a custom woodworking and custom artwork business.  Many of our inspirations come from where we live. Currently living in Grimsby, Ontario surrounded by Lake Ontario and the beautiful wine country.  It's a great place where people and the environment can connect. We specialize in custom work.  Fox and Ams Designs can help you create your ideas.

Photography by: Deanna Armenti

Photography by: Andrew Thiel